At Rosemary eAcademy, the process of adding students to courses is called Enrolment. This is different from confirmed admission process, which is known as Pre Admission Screen. There are various methods of enrolling students into courses which include ‘Self Online Enrolment’ ,on our website itself, ‘Enrolment Request through email’  and ‘Call to our Admission Experts and Process ‘Telephonic Enrolment’. You can also enrol yourself through WhatsApp/SMS. Choose what is the best method of enrolment for you ! We are there to help you.

Online Enrolment

If you wish to enrol online, just click on the Enrol Button below.


Email Enrolment
To Enrol through email, please send your request to ‘[email protected]’ 

WhatsApp /SMS Enrolment
Please send your enrolment request on our official WhatsApp Number (+91)8506926851, if your are in India. If you are from outside india, SMS ‘Enrol’ and send to +1 (307) 217 4741

Telephonic Enrolment
Please call us on  (+91)8506926851, if your are calling from india and talk to our admission expert for enrolment. If you are from outside india, Call  +1 (307) 217 4741

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