Course Overview

Entrepreneurship is specifically designed for graduates who intend to set up a highly impactful and innovative business. Additionally, this program gives you the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial and managerial skills. It focusses on enhancing your innovative and proactive thinking by providing you with hands-on experience in the field.

Irrespective of your previous academic background, this program accommodates a range of learners who are interested in starting their own business or want to manage big companies with great leadership skills. Due to the increasing popularity of this profession amongst students, Course in Entrepreneurship is becoming highly competitive to get through. However, a strong profile and the zeal to drive a business with confidence and determination is all that you need to get admitted to this course.

Entrepreneurship Course can give you a great chance to learn by doing and build a network with highly influential people that serve well to kick start or manage a business. Entrepreneurship we are focused on applied sciences because the only true way to learn to become an entrepreneur is by being one. The structure of our course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation curriculum is aligned with the startup process. Experts from the field teach you the traits. No memory testing. Real world, real learning for the ambitious who want to create meaningful profit businesses.

Career Opportunities

  • System Analyst
  • Assistant Manager
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Finance Controller
  • Delivery Manager
  • Business Analyst