eSales & Lead Generation Module

eSales & Lead Generation

      • MODULE 1

        Digital Marketing & Sales Introduction

        • What Is Marketing?
        • What Is Digital Marketing?
        • Understanding Marketing Process
        • Understanding Digital Marketing Process
        • Increasing Visibility, What Is Visibility?
        • What Are The Types Of Visibility?, Examples Of Visibility
        • Visitors Engagement, What Is Engagement?, Why It Is Important Examples Of Engagement
        • Bringing Targeted Traffic
        • Inbound And Outbound Marketing
        • Converting Traffic Into Leads, Types Of Conversion , Understanding Conversion Process
        • Tools Needed
      • MODULE 2

        Digital Sales

        • Introduction
        • The Secret To Making It In The Digital Sales World: The Human Touch
        • When B2b Buyers Want To Go Digital
        • Boosting Your Sales Roi
        • Measuring B2b’s Digital Gap
        • Finding The Right Digital Balance In B2b Customer Experience
      • MODULE 3

        Goods & Customers

        • Predicament In Goods And Customers
        • Predicament In Sales Technology And Sales Thinking
        • Precision Marketing In Retail Industry
        • Establishing Information Base Of Target Group
        • Realizing Accurate Market Positioning
        • Providing Personalized Product Marketing
        • Precisely Pushing Goods For Customers
        • Market Basket Positioning
        • Targeted Customer Marketing
      • MODULE 4

        Lead Generation For Business

        • Understanding Lead Generation For Business
        • Why Lead Generation Is Important?
        • Understanding Landing Pages
        • Understanding Thank-You Page
        • Landing Page Vs. Website
        • Best Practices To Create A Landing Page
        • Best Practices To Create A Thank-You Page
        • Practical Exercise-Creating A Landing Page
        • Types Of Landing Pages
        • Reviewing Landing Pages Created By Trainees
        • What Is A/B Testing?
        • How To Do A/B Testing
        • Selecting Landing Pages After A/B Testing
        • Converting Leads Into Sales
        • Creating Lead Nurturing Strategy
        • Understanding Lead Funnel
        • Steps In Leads Nurturing