Online Training for Individual

This training programme is meant for those, who wish to get personalized and full-time attention in their learning schedule. With our eAcademy you get a one-to-one learning interaction session with our domain experts, especially designed courses and curriculum. With this session, the individual’s learning speed, adaptability, specific problem and obstacles can also be monitored and tackled by the domain expert or professional.

Online Training for Groups

This training programme is meant for those, who wish to adapt learning in groups creating a social interactive environment. With our eAcademy, we promote individuals with group tasks so as to have an impactful collateral learning. This not only increases their learning capacity but also opens their learning opportunities. Moreover, we also believe that group training results in greater retention learning skills, which can be later utilised by the individuals.

Online Training Corporate

This training programme is meant for the people belonging or who wish to latter on join the corporate world. With our training programme which is especially augmented for corporate pupils, we devise them with adequate knowledge and applicable skills which satisfies their professional and personal requirements. Our eAcademy will also train and guide them with effective communication skills, constructive time frame, project conduct, dynamic